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Outset -- Beginning of the comic. Introduces the four main characters, starting with Jeremy.

Video Game Party -- First (major) storyline. Fred gets the brilliant idea of having a video game party at the group's home. It's not very well received.

The RPG -- A brief glimpse into one of the group's activities, co-opted by Hiryuu, the RPG geek.

A Good Deed -- What starts as an enjoyable movie watching excursion turns into a geek's worst nightmare. Can something good come out of this?

The Temp Agency -- Jeremy, in an attempt to gain employment, applies to a strange little temp agency. Based (loosely) on real events.

The Hoo-ah Marketing Machine -- Just because the game's not out yet does not mean Fred's not going to push it -- or its affiliated merchandise -- on his friends.

Computer Games -- So what *do* the guys play on their computers? Here's a look.

Back to School -- September rolls around, and the guys prepare their tasks ahead.

The Agency (again) -- Jeremy is in luck! Or IS he?

RPG Session -- A (somewhat) typical gaming session for the guys.

Temp Job -- Just when Jeremy thought that things were going his way, he gets another surprise.

Hallowe'en Party -- The prospect of going to a masquerade sounds enticing! Too bad Fred goes a little over the top with his costume idea.

Patricia -- A brief girl watching session turns somber for Pete. Hiryuu finds out why.

Fun Machine Release Week -- Quite possibly the best ever gaming machine makes its debut this week, and Fred must have it!

Girls -- Enter Naomi and Chris, two geek girls, and their own look on life.

Temp Job II -- Jeremy gets another job, but who's that he meets?

Christmas Time -- The holidays have arrived, and while Jeremy, Pete and Hiryuu prepare, Fred sits at home. Something good must come of it, right?

One Shots -- Random fun comics that don't adhere to any particular story.

Emergency! -- A death in the house causes a panic, especially with the afflicted's parents coming for dinner that night! Can a virtual reality system save the day?

Dinner With the Folks -- Yes, the parents DO come... So what are Pete's parents really like? Find out here.

Of Wild Men and Journalists -- Fred takes care of Bill. Pete's the star attraction where he works. Much fun.

Girls II -- Another look in the lives of some geek girls.

RPG Session II -- The D&D plot starts picking up. Featuring a cameo from a currently defunct comic.

Exams -- Exams are fun, right? Right? Not for Pete, Fred and Hiryuu, they're not.

Cold Front! -- Fred needs to get to work. What's work REALLY like?

"Hey, you..." -- Who's that weird guy, and what's he want with Hiryuu?

Guest Week -- I take a week off. I get guest comics. Guest comics are my friend.

Thuggery in Ties -- Trevor and his gang... in an office? Being respectable?

When Worlds Collide -- The guys and the girls meet. Including the special in-color one year anniversary strip!

Hoo-ah Release Day -- Hoo-ah the Ninja finally gets released... much to the consternation of a certain soul-searching individual.

Supercon! -- A gaggle of geeks descend on the geekiest con known to man. Featuring more cameos than you can shake a stick at!

One Shots II -- Randomness for no reason whatsoever.

Anime Club -- An otaku and an ethnic Japanese man walk into a bar...

Enter Orion -- Everyone likes comic book geeks, right?

RPG Session III -- Take a D&D game. Throw a couple of geek girls into the mix. Shake.

Family Bonding -- Pete and Bill talking to each other... never a good sign.

Race for the Top -- Hiryuu gets the mail. Fred wants to get the mail. Never a good sign.

Cafe du Insanity -- A journalist, a conspiracy theorist, and a thug... Panama?

Techie's Job Nightmare -- Jeremy's latest temp job isn't all it's BILLed to be.

Image is Everything -- Can logos make you cool? Fred seems to think so.

Girls III -- More fun time with everyone's favorite female geeks!

Unconventional -- Jeremy finds a new use for a certain game console.

Let it sno-OW! -- The surprise snowball fight of the century!

Christmas 2003 -- Should old acquaintance be forgot, and shipped right to your door...

Intermission: Ribald ToG -- A guest week provided by Ryan Armand of Let's Get it Together - Ribald Youth.

The Return -- A less than... usual... homecoming.

Off the Beaten Track -- The RPG goes off-topic... and it's all downhill from there.

First Date Jitters -- Chris and Jeremy have time to themselves. Heh, heh, heh.

Dojo Onibuke -- Everyone's favorite video game character determines a purpose for his life.

Online, Armed, and Dangerous -- A look into Fred's world of online gaming.

The Cult of the Hiryuu -- One of the guys goes missing... and the others' quest to find him.

One Shots III -- Even randomer than the last time.

Guest Week 2004 -- I take a break, other people do comics. Fun had by all.

Homeworld Exodus -- The guys "adventure"... iiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn spaaaaaaaaaaace...

Retaliatory Strike -- A little knowledge, proven to be a dangerous thing.

Pub Night -- What better way to celebrate two years, than to go to a bar?

MUDs -- Hiryuu's online past... sort of.

The Biscotti Incident -- Or, the thief, the biscotti, the barrista and the ninja.

Oh, Canada! -- A week of vaguely Canada-related jokes.

Reality Bites -- The truth hurts. TV hurts more.

One Shots IV -- They're back, and they're random!

Night of the Incompetent, Talkative Ninjas -- The result of mouthing off at a clan of assassins.

Modern Capers -- A modern RPG segment... with a ninja.

Fallout -- How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have sisters who discovered you were on Reality TV.

Curses! -- Argosy's plan for revenge...

PMS -- Chris gets aggravated. Film at 11.

SAS -- Short Antagonist Sequence.

Data Entry Point -- Jeremy experiences yet another temp job.

The Donut Run -- When you're a thug, going for donuts is never normal.

It's All Relative -- A run-in with some of Jeremy's family.

Christmas Tag -- It's the week before Christmas, and the conversations get weird...

Nostalgia -- Past memories meet the present geeks.

Kitty Envy -- Bill does chores, yet Neko lounges around. No fair!

The Fellowship of the LARP -- Real people and role-playing characters, together at last.

Dating Woes -- Not every geek is lucky in love.

Nethack! -- A discussion about the only game that even matters.

Turf War -- When two bad guys collide...

What If...? -- A look inside what could have been.

Temp Survivor -- How many ways are there to get rid of a temp?

Temporal Love Antics -- Naomi and a strange love interest? A crossover with TRU-Life Adventures.

Ones to Three -- One shots for the comic's third birthday.

Hi-Sci-Fi -- Fred's quest for adventure... in SPAAAAAAAAAAACE...

Comic Mischief -- Orion and Pete, together again.

The Rending -- One action and its ripple effect.

Summer Vacation -- The artist takes a break. Again.

Artist's Block -- The creative side of a geek.

Ninja Cookies -- Tasty treats as fundraisers. Incompetent assassin wannabes. Oh yeah.

Prey -- Chris ends up on the wrong end of the hunt.

A Thousand Words Never Spoken -- Naomi looks for books, finds inner turmoil.

Drow Your Sorrows -- The triumphant(?) return of the RPG adventures.

Cyborg! -- Freakouts are fun.

The Thinking Chair -- Jeremy's aid to success.

Malled -- Simon and Naomi in the pre-Christmas shopping extravaganza.

The Manga Hunt -- Pete and Randy on the quest of a non-lifetime.

Christmas 2005 -- The annual pseudo-holiday-related comic week.

Vet-eran -- Neko visits the veterenarian for the first time.

The Lego Maniac -- Chris expounds on one of her hobbies.

Confessions of an Internet Drama Queen -- The truth(?) about bloggers.

Awakening -- Onibuke has a revelation.

Fred on a Date -- About as much as you're likely to believe.

Mommy Dearest -- Life is never fun when Fred's mother (er, parents) come to call.

Ones More for the Road -- One shots. You guessed it.

Wired Disconnect -- The gang has a LAN party, and Simon is in attendance.

Take This Job and Stuff It! -- Jeremy experiences Yet Another Temp Job.

Tagged -- Argosy makes a plea for his freedom.

Application of Existentialism -- Jeremy and Hiryuu confront the bizarre triumvirate of Onibuke, Trevor, and Sampson.

Job Shadows -- Chris takes a turn on the temp job hunting circuit.

Mac Attack -- Hiryuu is exposed to a different way of computing.

Going Fourth -- It's the week of the fourth anniversary! One shots for all!

Role of the Newbie -- Simon's first venture into the wonderful world of RPGs.

Coffee-teria -- The meeting hall of the twentysomething.

The Hiryuu Cometh -- The object of worship awakens, and it's the end of the world. Or is it?

New Beginnings -- The gang reassembles. With A/C.

Clanliness -- Fred returns to his online gaming roots.

On the Mend -- Baby steps between Chris and Jeremy.

Drew the Line -- A new geek enters the fray.

Teknical -- Onibuke schemes. Again.

Harbinger -- Argosy's "predictions" could mean the Apocalypse is nigh!

Aftermath -- Pete and Naomi and the aftergame lowlights of a relationship.

Associates -- A tale of who you know.

House Call -- Dr. White, the veterenarian, visits the guys at home.

Cafefight -- Pete squares off with his arch-nemesis.

Old Schoolin' It -- Jeremy's latest job exploit.

Christmassy Feeling -- Comics leading up to Christmas.

$HOBGOBLIN -- A smart-aleck artificial intelligence comes to call.

Gradentia -- Drew learns to commiserate with other resident graduate students.

The Webcomic According to Fred -- Fred creates a webcomic. Will the Internet be the same?

Remember the Armadillo! -- The gang deals with a critter in the house.

The Man in Black -- An exploration of the mystique of the black shirt.

The Unromantics -- Pete does the best thing to annoy Hiryuu: date his sister!

Superheroics -- Fred's first attempt at GMing: an RPG about superheroes

Ill Met by Night -- A sudden encounter from the past leaves Naomi reeling.

Informant -- Sampson squares off against Chief for valuable information.

Careful What You Wish For -- Jeremy gets a job - in industry! To his shock and horror!

Untalented -- Chris' exploration of a talent of her own.

Ones in a Lifetime -- Artist on wedding break! Guest artists fill in! All written by artist! Faboo!

Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore -- The confrontation five years in the waiting.

Fired Up -- The gang has a barbecue.

A Match Made in Cyberspace -- Fred gets a real taste of the powerful human emotion known as "love."

Gerrymandering -- The city council's bright idea on restructuring the north section of town.

Tourist Trap -- Fred decides an amusement park is the best idea to bring people to the city.

Just the Two of Us -- Hiryuu and Naomi together for an evening.

Take Credit Where Credit is Due -- Jeremy becomes the victim of a credit card scam.

The Competitive Edge -- Jeremy finds himself the unwitting participant of a hacking contest with a strange rival.

The Hosehead Gaijin -- Pete travels to his very own geek mecca - Japan!

It's Good to be King -- Sampson, ruler of all he surveys.

The Magnificent Prize -- A strange person desires a strange pet... but for what purpose?

Home for the Holidays -- Jeremy returns to his family's homestead.

Familial Faces -- Hiryuu and Naomi's experiences with homegrown horror... family.

Training Day -- Onibuke decides to get into shape in case he meets Hoo-ah again.

The Odd Couple -- Jeremy and his nonconformist night out.

The Trainwreck Job -- Or, How to disrupt an RPG with five evil players.

The Reckoning -- Two showdowns come to the forefront.

Illin' -- The most convenient nurse is a sympathetic significant other.

Secret Agent Man -- Fred partakes in an elaborate spy fantasy.

Payday Mayday -- Jeremy's paycheque goes AWOL.

Onwards and Upwards -- Jeremy starts making big decisions in his life.

And Now for Something Completely Different -- Random jokes for fun and profit.

HobTek -- The return of the hacker and the AI.

A Cat-Eat-Dog World -- Neko vs. the neighbourhood dogs.

What If II -- The return of the What Ifs!

Scratching the Surface -- Chris' first date from online dating.

Illogically Puzzling -- Jeremy and Hiryuu face off with logic puzzles.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern -- The catgirl has been kidnapped, so it's up to two supporting heroes.

Travelogue -- Two people experience two different trips.

The Neighbour, A Noise -- Chris suffers under her foul-mouthed next-door neighbours.

Dire Preparations -- Pete begins his training for his Ultimate Showdown.

Change of Plans -- A sudden direction to the future.

Enviroconscious -- Fred invokes a green movement in his friends.

Two Great Minds -- Fred and Neko attempt to outwit each other.

The Unfan -- A story of a united fanbase, except for that one guy over there.

The Fortune Teller -- Fred finds himself on the wrong end of a prophecy.

Gnomes -- Pete's loose lips come back to haunt him.

A Little Mischief -- $HOBGOBLIN has a little fun at others' expense.

The Late Adopter -- Jeremy decides to take the cellphone plunge.

Humbug Season -- A retail worker's opinion of the pre-holidays.

The Cardboard Menace -- The crew get together for some good old fashioned box-busting.

The Mystery Ride -- What secrets can an amusement park ride hold?

Next Step to the Future -- Naomi prepares to go cross-continent for an interview.

Split Heirs -- The organized crime battle for the city comes to a head... from two different angles.

Waking Dream -- Naomi's interview with Scicor, and the aftermath.

Thesis Wrangler -- Chris sits down to master her thesis.

Idol -- Chris, Naomi, and a boy band revival.

The New Guy -- Jeremy gets to train a new worker.

Invasion of the Cyber Body-Snatcher -- Onibuke and $HOBGOBLIN, a match made in hell.

Onwards and Upwards -- The ninjas move on with their lives.

An evening of being couched -- Seven years, one couch.

Cyberpunk'd -- Another RPG in a dystopian world.

Jury Duty -- Fred gets an interesting summons.

Robot Ragnarok -- Computer-generated robots make for an epic story.

Another guest week -- Artist on break. BYOC.

The Houseguest -- The guys deal with someone down on his luck... in their home.

The Business Side of Things -- Why shirking on your duties is a bad thing.

It Takes a Cat -- Thieves get more than they bargained for when they try to rob the guys' place.

A Hero Will Rise -- Just because you don't have powers, doesn't mean you can't make a difference.

A Modest Proposal -- Possibly the most important event of the year.

Holy Cacophony -- Planning to plan a wedding has its ups and downs.

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